Engagement Shoot Tips


Style and outfit ideas

Wear something you feel confident and comfortable in - I might ask you to lie down or sit on the ground! Neutrals with a pop of a complementary colour look great (try to avoid lots of harsh black or red, baggy or ill-fitting clothes and big logos), and don't forget that your shoes will be visible in many shots.

If you wear transition lens glasses, you might want to consider taking them off or wearing contacts or clear glasses during the shoot, as we'll usually be outside in the sun. 


My style is pretty candid and natural, so while I’ll give you little directions from time to time – like walk that way, turn around or hold hands – I'll mostly be focusing on capturing you talking, laughing and enjoying being with each other. Don’t worry if you don’t always feel comfortable in front of a camera! We’ll be chatting and having fun during the session, so it won’t feel awkward, and it's great practice for the big day.

Pets, props and activities

I totally love it when couples bring pets and props, or plan something to do during their engagement shoot! If there’s something fun you’d like to incorporate, like bringing along your dog, playing a musical instrument or having me photograph you doing an activity together, let me know.

What happens next?

After the shoot, you’ll see a sneak peek photo on Facebook or sent via email within a couple of days, which you can tag yourselves in and share with your family and friends. 

As soon as the rest of the photos are edited, which is usually within a few weeks, I’ll send you an online gallery where you can see and download all the images. The images are web-resolution, so they’re perfect for Facebook and email. If you’d like photos supplied in high-resolution for printing, you can purchase up to 10 for $50, or the entire gallery for $150.

If you pop any photos up on social media, I’d love for you to tag my photography page, and keep in mind that the images are professionally edited, so please don’t alter them in any way - including by adding a filter or making changes to the way they are cropped.