Wedding Day and Timeline Tips


General timing

  • Wedding rule #1 - always add buffer time! This gives you breathing room, the chance to have a quick break when you need one and allows for traffic, make-up touch-ups and other delays. Try to over-estimate each event or part of the day by 10 minutes or so.

Getting ready

  • Try to have lots of natural light in the room as this is the most flattering, and will be helpful for your hair and makeup artists.
  • Make sure the area is fairly clean and tidy, so any mess or clutter in the background doesn't detract from your photos.
  • If you’d like detailed shots of your shoes, jewellery, dresses etc, please plan to have someone take them out of their boxes and bags before I arrive, so I can quickly arrange and photograph them.
  • I usually leave for the ceremony about 20 minutes before the bride, so I can set up, say hello to the celebrant, photograph the ceremony styling, capture the guys and guests waiting in anticipation and be ready for the bride's arrival. 

After the ceremony

  • Allow 15 minutes for your guests to come and congratulate, hug and kiss you straight away :)
  • After that, allow 15-20 minutes for group photos (5-10 groups at most). Make sure the people you want in the photos know to hang around, and consider putting someone in charge of the list!
  • After that, allow 1 to 1.5 hours of photography time for your bridal portraits, plus extra time for any travel between locations.
  • If possible, allow some time for you to have a quick break after the bridal portraits, so you can take a few minutes to refresh while I do the same and get set up for the reception and your entry. 


  • I like to photograph your reception area before the guests enter, so all styling is still in place – either pre-ceremony, if they’re at the same location, or right before your reception starts. 
  • I often only need 1-2 hours of reception photography at most. Most couples schedule the first dance, cake cutting and speeches early, so I can photograph those important moments and some general reception photos and then leave you to party! If you like, we can even do a fake exit photo before I leave.

A note about Pinterest and poses

Pinterest is awesome for wedding inspiration, but keep in mind that all the images you see on wedding photography boards and collages were taken by different photographers, at different weddings.

The time it takes to set up specific staged poses can really slow down the flow of your day and take you out of the moment, so I don't work from a 'shot list' or copy examples of other photographer's images.

All the photos of mine you've seen have been taken using my candid and natural way of working, and I make sure to find out about the moments of the day which are most important to you.

I’ll be capturing you both enjoying the day and each other, and I’ll give you lots of little directions as we take photos, to make sure you get beautiful images to keep forever.